Manhattan Beach Pier

Oxnard Park


Boyle Heights LA


More photography of mine <3
My Alice in Wonderland book <3
Manhattan Beach <3

Down Town LA Rally

My friend Sammy at PCC <3 he's the gangster of Love


Open my eyes
lay in bed.. stare at the ceiling
your mind buzzing with every thought in the universe.. what to do today??
the smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the room

time to get up

walk to the dresser
look in the mirror
remove dried tears
pale skin
nappy hair
black heads


walk to the bathroom
stare blankly
grab tooth brush
*brush brush, swish swash

get dressed
*time for work.. blehhk

slide down stairs
drink some orange juice
head for the door

walk towards car
glimpse around
a boy walking to school
a dog doing business
*fuck it's cold, I shoulda worn my jacket

inside the car
turn key in the ignition
wait for the car to warm up

time to go

green light
turn right
traffic... *sigh
mind buzzing buzzing
traffic noise
baby screaming
woman lighting up
man jingles asking for change
I stare briefly at the sky
hint of sunlight, clouds of grey, sky still blue

arrive to work...
lock my car

walk inside
punch in..
*good morning
fakes a smile*
sit at desk
file, file, file
customers.. take money, make charges.
file, file, file
time to punch out

lunch time

time to punch in
walk into the office
stare bluntly outside
more customers.. take money, make charges.
Balance cash..
time to go
punch out

walk towards car
turn key in ignition
take off
city lights
night sky

arrive home
smell of fall leaves and wet cement
walk inside
clean up mess
cook dinner
walk upstairs
take a warm shower
time for bed
flip through channels
fall asleep

Next Day



Nancy's Photography

Marissa's Tattoo
     This tattoo has got to be one of the best ones I've ever encountered. Tattoos are so fascinating <3 I love the ones especially with a meaning behind them. This one happens to be a tattoo of one of my dearest friends. It's of Peter Pan and his crew flying across the night sky. It represents the child in her and also one of her favorite movies as a young girl. The writing at the bottom is her favorite poem of ALL time by T. S Eliot it reads "This is how the world ends (x3) Not with a bang but a whimper" (she truly believes that this is how the world will ends). I'll post more up later. -Nancy


I am a wallflower.

     I stand against the wall and observe time in its making. I care not for attention but simply just the story being played in front of me.
    A man is playing his heart out in the trumpet on the corner of Colorado and Los Robles Ave. Not for money, but just because he loves to play. He killed his family and dumped there bodies off the Sacramento Bridge two years ago because he couldn’t live with himself not being able to support them.
    A woman is breast feeding her newborn child. She wonders what’s to become of him in the future and wishes he grows up to be a well-educated-sophisticated man. She hopes he never finds out she had him out of prostitution to keep a roof over her head.
     Three little girls are playing Double Dutch and singing tunes in the park under a shady tree… One of them goes home and sleeps while being raped by her uncle every night.
    There’s a lovely couple holding hands and whispering in each others ear while sharing a milkshake at a nearby cafe. She doesn’t know he’s married and has kids with 2 other women. He doesn’t know she has the mind of Jeffrey Dahmner.
     A father and son are flying a kite in the sky. The son has no idea that his mother is in the hospital finding out she has cancer.
    A grandpa is showing his granddaughter how to fold paper boats to later sail in the lake. Little does he know he’s about to have a heart attack and drown.
     Nine year old boys are playing for marbles on the sidewalk. A drive by occurs and they’re all shot at the scene.
     A girl leans against a burnt-red colored wall. She observes her surroundings while taking a drag off a cig she bummed off a homeless man. Her eyes smile at the beauty surrounding her, but her heart is mending at the things she's seen. She hits with spoken truths yet her lips are stapled shut. For now she inhales the day and endures time, smoking away into the bliss of the taste of tobacco on her lips.

    I am a wallflower… Have a beautiful day.


Just like that...

      I saw you running down the hall at the opposite end of me. The school was empty, trashed with torn up books and paper. I slowly started to approach you and you had fear in your eyes. 
     I know what you're like. Such a hypocrite.. such a fucking hypocrite... You're a two faced bastard who needs to learn how to take out the stick shoved up your own ass.. you spend all day telling people what to do and how you want things done YOUR way... your evenings are filled with solitude in the office, and you spend the nights bar hopping across town. You go home to find your wife asleep. She no longer cares to wait up for you because you're never home anyway.... In the morning you, again, spend all day in the office, snorting crack and spraying cologne because you wreak of alcohol and sweat. You then walk around the dealership with a mask of happiness greeting every customer that you pass by because your heart is filled with greed and all you care about is your money.... I heard rumors that this use to be a place to look forward to working in.. That ever since you became manager it turned into a shit hole environment that hired people to become unable to have a mind of their own and get clobbered on when thinking for themselves... 
     It saddens me to know that your going to die a lying sac of shit.
     I walk towards you... faster and faster I go... I grin at your pathetic being as you squirm on the floor for forgiveness.. you ask me to have pity for you. I pull the gun out... tears start running down your eyes when you hear the trigger click... I don't feel pity.. I just feel sorry... sorry that you had to go this way.....
    Eat shit you lousy bastard... BAM BAM!!

and just like that.........

You're dead. 


With Reason

The Many Faces of a Delirious Gal <3
I'm creating this blog to write short stories that have been lingering around in my head, some are real others not so much.. I'll never tell. I'll post up my picture taking shenanigans. My other blog consists of reality and all it's aspects that surround me 
.::Something to Begin With::. it's what everyone needs sometimes. This blog will be the place where reality and fiction clash to become one. The Many Faces of a Delirious Gal....