I am a wallflower.

     I stand against the wall and observe time in its making. I care not for attention but simply just the story being played in front of me.
    A man is playing his heart out in the trumpet on the corner of Colorado and Los Robles Ave. Not for money, but just because he loves to play. He killed his family and dumped there bodies off the Sacramento Bridge two years ago because he couldn’t live with himself not being able to support them.
    A woman is breast feeding her newborn child. She wonders what’s to become of him in the future and wishes he grows up to be a well-educated-sophisticated man. She hopes he never finds out she had him out of prostitution to keep a roof over her head.
     Three little girls are playing Double Dutch and singing tunes in the park under a shady tree… One of them goes home and sleeps while being raped by her uncle every night.
    There’s a lovely couple holding hands and whispering in each others ear while sharing a milkshake at a nearby cafe. She doesn’t know he’s married and has kids with 2 other women. He doesn’t know she has the mind of Jeffrey Dahmner.
     A father and son are flying a kite in the sky. The son has no idea that his mother is in the hospital finding out she has cancer.
    A grandpa is showing his granddaughter how to fold paper boats to later sail in the lake. Little does he know he’s about to have a heart attack and drown.
     Nine year old boys are playing for marbles on the sidewalk. A drive by occurs and they’re all shot at the scene.
     A girl leans against a burnt-red colored wall. She observes her surroundings while taking a drag off a cig she bummed off a homeless man. Her eyes smile at the beauty surrounding her, but her heart is mending at the things she's seen. She hits with spoken truths yet her lips are stapled shut. For now she inhales the day and endures time, smoking away into the bliss of the taste of tobacco on her lips.

    I am a wallflower… Have a beautiful day.


  1. Well I suddenly feel better about any problems I have.

    You are a bit twisted, I like it.

  2. lol Indeed a little bit twisted. Told ya so...